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The Vines and The Olives
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<<< Core Features >>>

Creative Writers W/Shop

Creative writing simply put, is a piece of writing that does not follow the regular way of writing, but carves out a unique style and pattern of expression that give the writer a signature and the reader satisfaction.

Here, we teach everything you need to know about this craft.

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Youth Empowerment

Empowerment comes in divers packages; words, material etc... The package that one needs may differ from the other person nearby, here, we access you and find out the package that you need and look for ways to facilitate the delivery.

Our series of programs will help you find out what exactly your needs are.

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One on One

People tend to open up when they find someone they can trust and if they feel that their privacy is intact... Our consultants are ever ready to hear you out and help you get over your challenges.

All you need to do is to open up to them open up to the solutions that both of you can work out

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<<< Other Services >>>

Artistes Display

Gallery of exceptional craftsmen, their sckills, faculty and flair.

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Inspirational Classics

Get higly inspirational materials that will motivate you into becoming a better person.

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Our Petriarchs

Meet people of influence, agents of change both popular and silent heroes.

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Books and Authors

Books review for both exceptional and upcoming authors.

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Award for Literature

As an encoragment to skilled upcoming writters, we have an annual award program for exceptional upcoming writers.

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Join Our Forum

You can get interactive by joining our forum and share your thoughts with others on our services. You can also highlight your challenges while you are there.

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"This guys are really life savers.... thank you so much for everything"

~ Christina Chibugo